Participation in the Promoting Tolerance 2012 Programme

"The best and most valuable thing about the program really is that a program like this one does exist and does give opportunities to people like me to see that getting of skills and education, no...


Promoting Tolerance 2013

This year’s promoting tolerance programme took 14 Europeans – liberal politicians, journalists, human rights activists and academics from former communist countries – on a 10-day trip to the United...

Promoting Tolerance 2013 participants

Promoting Tolerance 2014: Minorities as "Convenient" Victims of Hate Speech

What are the current challenges facing the fight against populism and extreme nationalism in the political arena? Where do you find such a radicalized environment and why? What must Liberals do to...


Promoting Tolerance 2014 Observations

For over 20 years, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom and the American Jewish Committee (AJC) have been cooperating on a project called “Promoting Tolerance” . The long-standing partnership...


Voices of Tolerance: Rabbi Andrew Baker, AJC

"Voices of Tolerance" video series presents Rabbi Andrew Baker, Director of International Jewish Affairs at the American Jewish Committee. Hear more about one of FNF's longest programmes Promoting...


Voices of Tolerance: Promoting Tolerance Program Overview, Rabbi Andrew Baker, AJC

Rabbi Baker from AJC gives an overview of Promoting Tolerance

Voices of Tolerance: Sonya Weisburd, AJC

"Voices of Tolerance" video series presents Sonya Weisburd, the former Assistant Director of International Jewish Affairs, at the American Jewish Committee. Hear more about one of FNF's longest...


Voices of Tolerance: Promoting Tolerance Program, Sonya Weisburd, AJC

Voices of Tolerance: Sonya Weisburd, AJC

Pelatihan Instruktur Kader PKB, Bogor 05-08 Februari 2017

Sebagai salah satu mitra kerja Friedrich Naumann Stiftung (FNF), PKB telah menjalin kerjasama dalam pelaksanaan program pelatihan dengan FNF sejak tahun 1978. Awal tahun ini, FNF dan PKB...

Training of Instructor, Pendidikan Kader PKB,

3 Ways Family Businesses Can Start Going Digital in Asia

It is pretty common to find little mom-and-pop stores and restaurants sprinkled around big cities in Asia. Asia has a long established tradition in family businesses, some of which have sprung up to...

asian shop

Zwei Jahre „Minsk II“ – Sackgasse statt Fahrplan zum Frieden

Am 12. Februar 2015 beschloss die dreiseitige Kontaktgruppe aus OSZE, Ukraine und Russland Maßnahmen zur Umsetzung der Minsker Vereinbarungen vom September 2014, dem Minsker Protokoll und dem Minsker...

OSZE-Mission in der Ostukraine

Freedom Team Interview: Maia Kobaidze in Focus

Meet a colleague from the Freedom Team from FNF South Caucasus. Since 2 years, Maia Kobaidze has been the Project Coordinator, based in Georgia.  FNF is proud of its individuals, standing up for...

Maia Kobaidze